Type and handwrite mathematical notation with MathType.
Easily include quality math equations in your documents and digital content.


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The popular equation editor for Microsoft Word has been updated. The new online version of MathType is also seamlessly integrated into Google Docs.

Stop relying on cumbersome built-in math tools. Use MathType for a unified quality experience with all your digital solutions… word processors, presentation software, LMS platforms, assessment tools, and more…

Productivity is key

When you’re ready to sit down and write a scientific or technical paper, a test, a slide presentation, or where ever you want to include math notation, you’re empowered with MathType. Open MathType on your computer or device and you have everything at your fingertips to do your work fast, easy and efficiently.

With MathType you can: Point-and-click, handwrite, use keyboard shortcuts, insert equation numbers, use color, choose fonts, control spacing…

Set up your work environment in a way that works best for you:

  • Save frequently used equations and symbols in customizable toolbars
  • Set MathType preferences to quickly change from one “look” to another for different types of documents
  • Setup personal keyboard shortcuts
  • Copy or convert to LaTeX
  • Much more!


Professional-quality math typesetting

MathType is a big upgrade to the default math tools built into many applications.

Accessibility with

You can now have quality everywhere. Choose the classic MathType look or the LaTeX look. Control spaces in your expressions down to the pixel.

Mathematical notation is rich and changes among different cultures; MathType supports mathematical notation for different education levels and cultures.

Accessibility is a must for any quality solution. MathType helps readers access scientific content, and it helps authors create accessible scientific content.

Explore MathType features

MathType is available for the most popular online word processing systems

MathType for Google Workspace at Wiris MathType for Google Docs at Wiris
NEW MathType for Google Slides at Wiris
MathType for Google Docs and Google Slides
MathType for Word on iPad MathType for Word on iPad

MathType for Learning Platforms

Students can hand write equations on a tablet or mobile device and MathType will immediately recognize and change them into perfectly-formatted equations.

Students and teachers can now easily interact in LMS forum discussions (such as Canvas, Moodle or Schoology, for instance), without the distraction of typing code or using clunky math tools.


Chemistry for all

ChemType is a flavor of MathType designed to help you work with chemical notation.

You’ll find a specific toolbar with the common chemical symbols and a user experience adapted to chemistry authors.

MathType for Chemistry


MathType SDK. Just for developers

Our tools for developers include MathType Integrations with a long list of HTML editors and XML editors. WIRIS team maintains and provides supports Plugins for CKeditor, Froala or TinyMCE among others.

MathType SDK allow you to integrated professional quality math typesetting in your web, desktop and mobile applications. Handwriting recognition SDK makes a real difference for your mobile app.

More about MathType libraries

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MathType is available as an annual subscription.

Individual subscription grants you access to our applications for word processors including Microsoft Word and Google Docs on all their devices. You will receive a shared key for Windows, Mac and Online versions.

Community subscription for institutions includes use on all computers and devices. Choose among a subscription for all our word processors applications or the extensions that integrate MathType in LMS platforms such as Canvas, Moodle and Schoology, or both!

Academic and volume discounts available.

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WIRIS EDITOR is now MathType
Since March 2018 WIRIS EDITOR has been renamed MathType