US Federal Educational Fundings to use our products

Discover how your school can leverage US federal educational funding opportunities.

The US government offers educational funding to cover educational resources expenses for schools interested in delivering high-quality STEM education for students from PreK to higher education. Schools can access many annual federal and non/governmental grant opportunities for funding assistance.

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Funding opportunities
Wiris is dedicated to supporting our partners by providing assistance to administrators and educators in the process of seeking federal educational funding. This page is not a complete list of opportunities - there may be other assistance through state organizations that can provide grants for accessible STEM tools.

  • US Department of Education Competitive Grant Search Tool

    The US Department of Education has a search tool designed to track down competitive grants offered by the US Government. Each grant comes with its own specific eligibility requirements based on the grant program's support focus. These cover a wide range of areas, from STEM education tools to online assessment programs.

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  • Accessibility compliance for schools

    The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) is dedicated to improving results for students with disabilities by providing extensive resources to support states and local districts.

    Wiris products offer accessible math and chemistry tools for both educational instruction and assessment, aligning with the objectives of Discretionary Grants.

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  • Charter School Grants

    Charter schools are granted access to diverse and unique funding opportunities specifically related to areas such as mathematics, chemistry, and assessment.

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  • Non-Governmental STEM Grants

    Many organizations support STEM education and provide grants. The landscape of non-governmental grants is dynamic, with continuously new opportunities. Explore the link below to discover potential grants your school may qualify for.

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Why our products?

  • Compliant tool that meets accessibility standards, allowing you to create formulas with alt-text for screen readers, eliminating the learning gap for students and faculty with visual impairments.

  • Assessment tool equipped with accessibility features and faculty-designed questions that allow teachers to create accessible online assessments.

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