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Create professional quality equations on MathType for Word in Microsoft 365

  • How it works

    All macOS versions will soon be compatible with MathType in Microsoft Word online, desktop and on iPad, available through the release of our MathType Add-In for Microsoft Word within Microsoft 365 suite, in early July. Currently, this Add-in is usable in Microsoft Word online, desktop and iPad versions. MathType is integrated on Microsoft 365 and it can be used in Word as an add-in, just type in the equation that you need on our app, click Insert it and your equation will be pasted with perfect alignment and format settings on your document. Edit your equation as many times as you like by clicking on it and opening MathType again.

Why MathType is the perfect partner for macOS

  • Easy to use
    Easy to use

    User-friendly interface that provides the most straightforward experience from day one. Forget about having to have LaTeX knowledge to be able to write math.

  • Productivity

    Choose between different ways to write math equations and pick the most efficient for you, customize all you need to work faster and see how MathType integrates into your workflow seamlessly.

  • Professional

    MathType provides a perfect set of fonts and format settings for all your equations in high quality, no matter which environment you are using. All your documents will look professional and deliver high-level results.

Features that make so easy write math equations

  • Save your most frequently used equations and symbols in a customizable toolbar.
  • Customize your preferences to quickly change from one view to another to fit your various types of documents.
  • Set up your personal keyboard shortcuts to write equations faster without using the mouse.
  • Copy or convert to your preferred language, LaTeX or MathML, whenever you want.

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