Wiris. We want to amplify the way you work in STEM.


Making people's STEM work more meaningful.

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About us

We are Wiris, a software development company founded 20 years ago and headquartered in Barcelona with offices in Long Beach, California. We are currently more than 90 people doing what we like with deep knowledge in advanced technology and science.

Our goal is to continually develop advanced tools for the STEM fields by working with the most important productivity tools, used by education, scientific, and publishing communities. You can find us in different Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas or Moodle, and the most popular office suites like Google Workspace and Microsoft Office.

Our History

  • Wiris year 1999

    Our beginning

    Wiris was founded to share with the world a research project done at the BarcelonaTech.

  • wiris 2002 Year

    “The Wiris”

    Our first project was released: Wiris Cas, aka The Wiris, an online-based computer algebra system.

  • Wiris year 2007

    Our product family grows

    We released two new products: Wiris Editor, our web-based formula editor, and WirisQuizzes, our mathematical assessment tool. By then, we were just a small company with just 7 employees but our collaboration with academic institutions and publishing houses helped us grow our business.

  • wiris 2010 year

    Hello, LMSs

    Blackboard and Brightspace, some of the most popular LMSs, included our equation editor as their default math editor, and our integrations continued growing into other well-known LMSs - Moodle, Canvas, Schoology - and HTML editors - CKEditor, TinyMCE, Froala.

  • Wiris year 2015

    Machine learning

    Our formula (equation) editor incorporated the state of art technology directly from university research to enable handwritten-formula recognition.

  • Wiris year 2017

    MathType is here

    Wiris acquired the American company Design Science and together, with our 20 employees, we relaunched Wiris Editor as MathType, which became the leading mathematical equation solution for desktop and web environments.

  • Wiris year 2018

    Hi, Google

    Wiris forces continued growing, not only in employee number but also in products: MathType for Google Workspace was released.

  • Wiris year 2021

    We do not have a limit

    From now on, and with a solid and determined will in making STEM people’s work more meaningful, we will continue to contribute to the world one field at a time.

Wiris Culture

Wiris Values and Mission are the operating system that powers the company. Our team dedication is the basis of our success. Working hard and having fun are a sign that we are doing the right things in the right way.

Our Values
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We want to leave our mark

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We are brave and determined

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We have the aspiration to transform

Wiris is a people business and as we grow as a company, it has become important that we live these underlying values, so that we have a common language and understanding of what defines us as an organization.