Arabic mathematical notation

Arabic mathematical notation

MathType supports arabic notation in their online versions. Write arabic math notation in different platforms such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or LMS.

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  • Mirroring - Right to Left mode

    MathType provides Right to Left writing which also mirrors mathematical symbols to keep their mathematical meaning.

    For example, the Left-to-Right expression is shown as if using the RTL mode. Arabic letters are also supported by the system. The former formula would typically look like .

    Other mathematical expressions are mirrored to follow the Arabic notation tradition. For example, in Saudi Arabia a square root like is represented as  in RTL mode.

    MathType has been developed following W3C Arabic Mathematical notation recommendations.

  • Numbers in arabic languages

    Due to the fact that different regions in the Arabic countries use different notations for numbers, MathType provides the ability to choose between Arabic-Indic and Eastern Arabic-Indic numbers.

  • Variables ligatures

    Arabic characters, when written together, are typographically joined with the so called ligatures.

    In mathematics, variable names are typically formed by a unique character. Hence by default we consider every character a stand alone mathematical variable, and so without ligatures. But MathType recognizes some standard words, and automatically adds ligatures to them. Also users can manually add ligatures, using the ‘Arabic ligatures’ button.

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