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Our Math Products

various documents with equations illustration

Our Math editor to write equations

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  • MathType
    for Office Tools

    The easiest way to write Math equations in any digital document.

  • MathType
    for LMS

    Create Math equations effortlessly on your Learning Management Systems.

  • MathType

    Integrate MathType into content editors.

WirisQuizzes ilustrations

Our STEM assessment tool

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Our Chemistry products


The smart lab partner that will improve your daily work

Enhance productivity and your daily workflow with smart lab data.

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A flavor of MathType designed to help you work with chemical notation

All levels of your chemical students will be able to create equations easily with the Mathtype editor for their chemistry work.

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No matter what industry you are in, Wiris has a solution for you.

  • Education

    Improve the quality of your math equations and chemical formulas.

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  • Solutions for Publishing houses
    Publishing Houses

    Enhance your STEM digital content within your publishing workflow and your editorial solutions.

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  • Technical Writers

    Write online equations, even with complex math notations with our powerful html and xml formula editor.

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  • Chemistry

    Write chemical formulas and calculate your concentrations and dissolutions.

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  • Integrations

    Integrate our tools with the platform and technology that fits you best: LMS, CMS, HTML, JavaScript frameworks, XML or our special framework.

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Wiris is a math and science software company based in Barcelona, Spain

We want to amplify the way you work in STEM

Wiris is a math and science software company based in Barcelona, Spain. Wiris idea was born 20 years ago from a group of mathematics students that wanted to develop a next generation of calculation platforms. We have a strong trajectory with prestigious schools and companies that trust us.

We want to allow all users to have the best experience in STEM, we achieve this experience by integrating our products in all environments to make it as easier as possible.

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