MathType for Google Workspace

Collaborate online with math equations and chemical formulas.

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  • MathType Add-on for Google Docs

    • Available for Google Workspace
    • Docs online
    • Docs for iPad
  • MathType Add-on for Google Slides

    • Available for Google Workspace
    • Slides online
    • Slides for iPad

Why MathType is the perfect partner for Google Workspace

  • icon wiris easy to use
    Easy to use

    User friendly interface that provides an easy experience from day one, forget about the need to learn LaTeX to write math on a computer.

  • Wiris handwriting icon

    Working on a touch screen device? You can handwrite your equations! MathType will convert your handwritten formula into a digital and beautiful equation ready to be on your documents.

  • Wiris Chemtype icon
    ChemType available

    Switch swiftly from MathType to ChemType toolbar and insert chemical formulas using the toolbar or the handwriting input.

  • Wiris formula equation math editor writer MathType in Google Workspace

    How it works

    MathType is presented as a Google Workspace add-on, so you can add math and/or chemistry content without leaving Google Docs or Google Slides. Just type or handwrite the equation that you need on your document within the MathType editor window and it is inserted into your document. Edit your equation as many times as you want just by clicking on it and going into MathType again.

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MathType for Office Tools

One subscription, all office tools included.

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