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Integrate Wiris Tools: Install MathType & WirisQuizzes

Integrate WIRIS tools with the platform and technology that fits you best: LMS, CMS, HTML editors, JavaScript frameworks, XML editors and other special frameworks!

You can now integrate the leading math and science tools into your platform. Our solutions include different options to be integrated into third party applications and platforms such as LMS, CMS, HTML editors. From easy “Standard” integrations to customized integrations using our professional support services.

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MathType Integrations, developer tools

MathType components specialize in editing math. These provide some helper APIs, libraries, and web services. To keep these components consistent, relatively small and easy to maintain, they delegate the communication with your web application to the MathType Integrations.

Type or handwrite math equations and chemical formulas in your platform with MathType! Available for all major LMS and CMS.

Wiris’ Integrations for LMS / CMS

Available for all major educational platforms:

MathType Integrations for HTML editors

  • ckeditor logo math equation formula editor html mathML Mathtype CKEditor
  • Froala logo math equation formula editor html mathML Mathtype Froala
  • Tiny MCE TinyMCE
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MathType integrations for XML editors

  • Fonto logo math equation formula editor html XML mathML Mathtype FontoXML
  • Oxigen XML web author icon Oxygen XML Web Author
  • Xeditor logo math equation formula editor html mathML XML Mathtype XEditor
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Integration into Publisher Apps:

MathType can be integrated into publishing workflows and XML editors.

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WirisQuizzes Integrations

WirisQuizzes mainly targets web applications, but can also be integrated into mobile or desktop apps. 

Discover integration possibilities in PHP, .NET, Java, JavaScript, Ruby.

WirisQuizzes integrates seamlessly with all these LMS platforms:

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