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Discover our equations editor and other Math tools for Education

Improve the quality of your math equations and chemical notations with our powerful math solutions for academic institutions and for your STEM students.

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STEM remote instruction requires very specific math tools for improving the learning of technical students and allows the instructor to teach in an efficient and engaging way. Discover now our multi device and multi platform solution for academic institutions. You will enhance the distance assessment of engineering and technological universities and high schools.

Quadratic equation online math formula equation editor office word google sheets slides mathtype

MathType for Office Tools

Create handwriting math formulas with a professional aesthetic, thanks to our math equation editor with high typographic quality.

MathType and ChemType for office tools let you share formulas and functions in collaborative documents with educational community.

MathType subscription model includes the editor for all your Office Tools. This way you can use MathType in a multi-device and multi-platform environment.

One subscription, all office tools included.

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mathtype in LMS platform illustration Equation formula math writer editor Wiris

MathType for LMS

MathType, an online math and chemical formula editor, is integrated in your educational platform through a plugin, available for all major educational platforms.

Create formulas with MathType integrated in Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, and many more LMS platforms!

Available for all major educational platforms:

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polynomial create online math exams STEM question WirisQuizzes

WirisQuizzes for LMS

Break the seams of traditional testing and ease the transition to remote assessment with WirisQuizzes for LMS. 

WirisQuizzes is our STEM assessment tool that will help alleviate the struggles with remote instruction.

Save time creating STEM exercises and assessments with WirisQuizzes, engage with your students and everything seamlessly integrated into your educational platform.

WirisQuizzes integrates seamlessly with all these LMS platforms:

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Molecule software for chemistry chemists BufferFish

The smart lab partner to improve your daily work!

Calculate, analyse, visualize and share your lab data seamlessly!

BufferFish is created by lab software tools specifically for science professionals students and scientists working in laboratories for Chemistry and Biology. The purpose of BufferFish is to help anyone who is working in the lab in Chemistry or Biology prepare their experiments and communicate their results by providing technology for easy laboratory calculations, analysis, visualization, and sharing.

Concentrations Calculator

Calculate the biochemical properties step-by-step on our online chemical concentrations calculator. You will know the precise amount of units you need for your experiment!

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