WIRIS editor

What is it?

WIRIS editor is a mathematical WYSIWYG editor. It is based on Java technology and the standard MathML, so it runs on any browser (Firefox, Explorer, Chrome...) and operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac...).

You can use the formula editor in different work scenarios:

  1. Final user
    Ask the web administrator to install WIRIS editor.
  2. Web administrator
    You can use WIRIS editor in your web platform within the HMTL editor you are currently using. Several WIRIS plugins are already developed, including a generic plugin for any HTML editor.
  3. Application developer
    You can integrate WIRIS editor in any web platform. Find the hints at Generic plugin. You may also be interested in installing all the components in your server, so that the images are generated on your side instead of on our servers.


WIRIS editor is integrated into several online platforms and HTML editors. Check the complete list of WIRIS plugins for a detailed list.


Once installed, you will find a new icon in the HTML editor of your platform. This icon is the door to include a formula in your content. Since the formula shows in your browser as an image, you don't have to worry about your users’ browser or OS.

WIRIS editor is a Java Applet, technology widely supported throughout browsers and operating systems.