Someone asked about your maths?  

Examine with style  

Be random, my friend  

Don't correct your students  

You did it yoooour way  

Switch, switch, switch, switch... Time over. 

In Students we trust  

You don't know it, but you already know it  

Don't reinvent the wheel. Improve it. 

Put your students to work... 

For users:

  • Random content in your question wording and feedback.
  • Random mathematical graphics in 2D or 3D.
  • Automatic evaluation of the student's answer checking for mathematical equivalence.
  • The student can make use of WIRIS editor to introduce his answer.
  • Real-time syntax check of the answer that helps the student to avoid unnecessary mistakes.
  • Automatic evaluation of open answers
  • The student can answer using a WIRIS CAS session
  • Post-processing of student answer. The student can be asked for an abstract object, such as a prime number or a third-degree polynomial, no a specific one, but any one, and WIRIS CAS will check that the data corresponds to the requested type..
  • To sum up, all the power of WIRIS editor and WIRIS CAS available for your quizzes.

For content developers:

  • Mathematics are done in a single session, whereas variables and plots can be called anywhere.
  • Non-aggressive approach: we didn't create new question types, but improved the existing ones.
  • It is easy to hide for teachers not in scientific fields
  • Improved all question types: true/false, multiple options, matching, short answer, cloze, essay...
  • Cross-platform and cross-OS.

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