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We've prepared some math exercises for you to play with

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Digital Handwriting Input - powered by MathType

Our smart equation editor allows for digital handwriting recognition.

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⭐️ Instant Handwriting Recognition
⭐️ Mobile-friendly
⭐️ Math symbols recognition

Special Quiz Settings - Input Options

We provide you with an extensive set of input options to empower your math questions. Define input fields and auxiliary ones and choose from a large range of input syntaxes.

Validation Options
⭐️ Auxiliar Input Options
⭐️ Input Syntax Definition

Special Quiz Rules - Validation Options

Because automatically evaluating open-answer math questions is hard, WirisQuizzes allows you to define evaluation rules according to your criteria and rules. Set your questions as literally equal, mathematically equal or even allow for any answer to enable learning through practice.

Validation Options
⭐️ Set Special Evaluation Rules
⭐️ Tolerance and Accepted Errors
⭐️ Define Units of Measurement

Question Types for Math - Fill in the Blank

Our mathematical engine automatically compares the correct answer to the student's answer and grades it accordingly

Fill in the blanks
⭐️ Input Options
⭐️ Other

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