WIRIS quizzes generic

WIRIS quizzes generic are the technological components of Wiris Quizzes that targets a developer or integrator of a learning application that wants to use the enhanced features provided by WIRIS quizzes.

There is an implementation for the following technologies: PHP, Java, .NET, JavaScript and Ruby.

A more detailed description of WIRIS quizzes generic together with the getting started demos can be found at the download page. You can also get a demonstration in live demo.

To start with WIRIS quizzes generic, you will first need to choose how deep your integration is going to be. Thus, we define three levels of integration:

Level 1. For short questions types, use the validation Web service to validate the correct answer with the answer of the student. The validation criteria will be always the mathematical equality (for example, 2+x is equal to x+2). You might or might not allow your student to input the answers using the WIRIS editor (which always includes the input syntax check).

Level 2. For short answer question types, you can integrate our rich assertion builder called WIRIS quizzes studio to allow your authors to choose the correctness grading criteria. For example, might be a wrong answer if the author requested a simplified response. Thus, “simplified” is one of the possible criteria that can be chosen with the WIRIS studio.

Level 3. Use the generation of random questions. You can add this feature to any question type (multiple-choice, true/false, matching, essay, etc.) in addition to the short answer question type.

WIRIS quizzes generic getting started

You can visit the WIRIS quizzes generic getting started downloads to get the ready to download and use demos. Please, you can check the getting started demos in execution:

PHPJavaJavascript  y .NET.

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