The main software components of our tools are normally installed in our servers, which simplifies their use, especially for small or medium-size institutions. This hosting solution is strongly recommended for online projects (for example, an LMS project) or institutions of any size with a reliable internet connection.

Schools with basic use of WIRIS tools can enjoy them for FREE. We understand as basic a total of 1000 items for each tool per year.

FREE for schools for  INDIVIDUAL SCHOOLS using WIRIS EDITOR up to 1000 formulas
WIRIS QUIZZES up to 1000 evaluations

Corporate prices

WIRIS offers solutions in different sectors and tries to adapt to the needs of each environment.

We are present in the markets of publishing, technical writing, online assessment and learning platforms among others. 

Contact us describing your needs for information about partnership.


Educational institution prices


Higher education and other education institutions

Users* Annual prices**

< 1000
600 €
720 $
1.800 €
2,160 $

Contact us for larger numbers of users, for hosting all components in your server and for multi-annual licenses.

WIRIS EDITOR license is included in the WIRIS QUIZZES license.


Primary and secondary education institutions

Users* Annual prices**

<   200
175 €
210 $
525 €
630 $

<   500
350 €
420 $
1.050 €
1,260 $

< 1000
600 €
720 $
1.800 €
2,160 $

Contact us for larger numbers of users, for hosting all components in your server and for multi-annual licenses.

WIRIS EDITOR license is included in the WIRIS QUIZZES license.

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* Users: Number of students and teachers who have access to the tools. Users can use the license, both for on-line or desktop products, both at their school and personal computers. Note that users does NOT mean number of concurrent users nor total number of students in the institution: it means amount of students who have WIRIS tools available at least once throughout an academic year. NOTE that the prices linked to this concept apply only to educational institutions.

** Prices in USD ($): This price is an estimation provided for information only and has no contractual value. The purchase will normally be performed in EURO and the official exchange rates at the time of purchase will be applied by your credit card provider.

Web Services: Each of our products includes a set of services related to editing formulas, evaluation and mathematical calculations. For example, WIRIS EDITOR includes a conversion service between MathML and LaTeX or the generation of the text string description of a mathematical formula. Product licenses include access to all the services associated with that product. The use of unlicensed products may involve the interrumtion of those services.

Annual license: It has to be renewed every year, but it is possible to buy a license for several years.

Price: Prices exclude Valued Added Tax (if applicable) and any other indirect taxes which may apply. European Union clients (excluding Spain) need to provide a valid VAT number, otherwise they will be charged a 21% of VAT. Spanish customers are normally subject to 21% VAT.

The previous is a common sense description of the terms of the Licence. However, the precise and only binding description of the Licence terms can be found in the Licence of the product that you should accept during the purchasing process.