Wiris Quizzes

Wiris Quizzes enhances your LMS or your questionnaire with mathematical features.

Wiris Quizzes empowers your questions by adding:

  • Random variables (such as polynomials, matrices, plots...)
  • Automatic evaluation of the answers
  • Graphical representations in 2D and 3D
  • Students have a formula editor to introduce their answer
  • Syntax check of the answer for open answers
  • Open questions, such as “Introduce a real number that is not a rational” (There are infinite correct and incorrect answers)


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Integrations for Moodle and Canvas

Wiris Quizzes is a ready-to-use tool for Moodle and Canvas LMS.

For Moodle sites we provide you with new Math & Science question types.

For Canvas you will have access to Wiris Quizzes as an LTI component. The usage of the LTI protocol has been optimised to provide the best possible user experience.

For developers

Wiris Quizzes is a powerful SDK that allows you to integrate handwriting recognition of math answers and automated grading of those answers in your own assessment engine. Take control of the mathematical properties of the answer to provide personalized feedback to your users.

SDK documentation

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