MathFlow for Arbortext

Wiris has partnered with PTC to install MathFlow Editor and MathFlow Composer into Arbortext Editor and Arbortext Publishing Engine.

MathFlow Editor

MathFlow Editor is a native MathML equation editor that works with Arbortext Editor. MathFlow Editor's user experience is similar to how MathType product works with Microsoft Word — the operator double-clicks on an equation in an XML document and it automatically opens in the MathFlow Editor window. To compose a new equation, a click on the MathFlow Editor button in the XML editor's toolbar opens a new equation window. Equations appear in typeset form within Arbortext Editor and are saved as MathML within the XML document.

MathFlow Editor also adds equation conversion to PTC's Arbortext Import/Export feature. With MathFlow Editor installed, MathType equations in Microsoft Word documents will be converted to MathML while the surrounding document is converted into XML.

MathFlow Editor

MathFlow Composer

MathFlow Composer works together with Arbortext Composer and Arbortext Publishing Engine to generate output documents with properly formatted mathematical equations. The following composition options are available in MathFlow Composer:

  • Draft PDF Composition: generates a PNG image for each equation, to be included in the PDF file.
  • High Quality PDF Composition: generates postscript code for each equation (this feature is available only on Windows).
  • HTML Composition: saves an HTML or XHTML version of the document that can be viewed with a web browser.