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We’ve updated the macro digital signature on MathType 7 for Windows

MathType users have been experiencing issues related to the expiration of our digital signature. As a result, the MathType tab in Microsoft Office was unusable until the macros were manually enabled. The latest version of MathType 7 for Windows fixes this issue.

Now available on Google Slides

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Get more out of your MathType subscription

Collaborate online with math equations and chemical formulas.

With the new MathType add-on, you can easily write and share math and chemical formulas on Google Docs and Google Slides.

Just go to the add-ons menu on your Google document and select MathType. Type or handwrite the equation that you need within the MathType editor window and it will be inserted into your document. Edit your equation as many times as you want just by clicking on it and going into MathType again.

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