Security Update:
MathType for Windows

We have updated the MathType for Windows certificate which ensures the software’s authenticity and protection from alteration after publication.

The digital signature certificate is a security measure that verifies the macros contained in MathType and confirms the legitimacy of the issuing company.

If you continue to use MathType with the expired certificate, Microsoft Word will warn you about the macros being disabled with a message: ‘SECURITY WARNING: Macros have been disabled’.

To avoid security vulnerabilities update to the latest version of MathType for Windows.

MathType for Windows: Word, PowerPoint and WPS
Create professional quality equations on the most used word processor.

Why MathType is the perfect partner for Microsoft Office?

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    Easy to use

    Friendly user interface that provides the easiest experience from day one. Forget about having to have LaTex knowledge to write math.

  • Office 365 icon
    Classic or Cloud-based

    MathType is compatible with Office 2021 (or earlier), Microsoft 365 Add-in, Google Workplace Add-on and WPS.

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    MathType provides a perfect set of fonts and format settings for all your equations in high quality, no matter which environment you are using. All your documents will look professional and deliver high-level results.