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MathType for authoring manuscripts

At WIRIS, we aim to help authors be as productive and efficient as possible, giving them the ability to create beautiful math notation that reflects the brilliance of their work. We’ve added a lot of powerful functionality to make the combination of Microsoft Word + MathType a powerful mathematical word processor for scientists and engineers to create research papers and manuscripts.

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MathType for publishing workflows

Author guidelines for many leading STEM books and journals explicitly prefer or require manuscripts containing a mathematical notation to be created with Microsoft Word + MathType.

Many publishers and their service bureaus use the MathType SDK to automate the process of converting Microsoft Word + MathType to other formats such as XML/ MathML for use with professional publishing tools such as XML editors and desktop publishing products.

The MathType SDK is available to developers who want to enhance their workflow and to include MathType in a product (OEM).

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MathML tools for XML editors

We have pre-built integrations with Arbortext, FontoXML, FrameMaker, Oxygen, XEditor, and XMetaL. There is an SDK for using our MathML tools with other XML tools and proprietary solutions.

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Wiris Quizzes for assessment content

Publishers providing digital assessments can enhance their content with automated grading, math handwriting and more.

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