Math and science in Moodle

Easily include maths formulas, calculations and graphics in your web pages within moodle. Improve you quizzes for math and science topics.

  • Create mathematical formulas with a visual editor (WYSIWYG)
  • Perform all your math calculations and plots in 2D and 3D
  • Create mathematical quizzes with random parameters and automatic evaluation

WIRIS plugin for moodle enhances your text editor with new icons to edit math equations with WIRIS editor and include calculations and graphics with WIRIS CAS .

WIRIS editor screenshot

WIRIS quizzes includes new types of questions designed for math and science teachers. Discover also the free collection of exercises at

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Technical overview

Moodle 2 & Moodle 3

  • Moodle filter
  • Plugin for TinyMCE
  • Plugin for ATTO
  • New icons
  • New question types

Moodle 1.9

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Insert mathematical formulas

Your web pages can contain complex mathematical equations. Launch WIRIS editor with a simple click and work with a visual (WYSIWYG) editor to create or modify your expressions.

WIRIS editor simple toolbar with formula

Insert interactive mathematics

But you may want the reader being able to interact with your contents. Then insert a session of WIRIS CAS ,  a calculation engine that performs on-line calculations and 2D and 3D interactive graphics. Your readers can experience real maths live!

Empower the module Quiz with mathematics

Moodle Quiz allows you to create questionnaires for your students. If you would enjoy such features as randomised data and automatic evaluation and feedback, then WIRIS quizzes is your solution. This component enhances the existing question types of Moodle with the power of mathematics:

  • Student answers are automatically evaluated and their feedback is provided taking into account the randomness of the question and that of the answer!
  • The evaluation checks for mathematically equivalent answers to the expected, but not exactly the expected solution. For example, if the solution were «math xmlns=¨¨»«msup»«mi»x«/mi»«mn»2«/mn»«/msup»«mo»-«/mo»«mn»1«/mn»«/math», we want the system to interpret «math xmlns=¨¨»«mfenced»«mrow»«mi»x«/mi»«mo»+«/mo»«mn»1«/mn»«/mrow»«/mfenced»«mo»§#183;«/mo»«mfenced»«mrow»«mi»x«/mi»«mo»-«/mo»«mn»1«/mn»«/mrow»«/mfenced»«/math» as a correct answer. This can only be achieved via a calculation engine as WIRIS.
  • Check the format of the answer provided by the student: request it to be simplified, factorised, etc. in Moodle 2.
  • You keep full control over random data (create a random matrix with a set range, for example, or a polynomial with a double root).
  • Add 2D or 3D graphics in your questions, answers and feedback.
  • The teacher decides if the student has access to a calculation engine to introduce the answer.
  • The production and modification time of the exercises is reduced to the minimum through simple and visual edition.


WIRIS editor comes with a WYSIWYG interface based on HTML and Javascript.

  • Acces it with a new icon in TinyMCE / ATTO
  • Edit in mobile devices. Works with iPad and other tablets.
  • Accesibility text automatically included in math formulas.
  • LaTeX support
  • Interface requests images to a web-service
  • Images are stored in a cache folder

WIRIS quizzes

  • Include new question types in Moodle 2 & Moodle 3
  • Interface requests answers evaluation to a math engine through a web-service

WIRIS CAS is a powerful math engine accessible online

  • Acces it with a new icon in TinyMCE/ ATTO
  • Interface requests math calculations and graphics to a math engine through a web-service

Server components

All WIRIS tools for Moodle include native components and web accessed services. the server components area available to be installed in your own servers.

WIRIS quizzes in an API for WIRIS CAS . If you are interested to install WIRIS quizzes server components you have to install WIRIS CAS server components.