Wiris Quizzes Privacy Policy

Version 1.0
April 2th, 2019

This Privacy Policy covers the data collection and usage for Wiris Quizzes users, and it is an addendum of the general Privacy Policy for users of any product or service from Maths for More S.L. The general Privacy Policy still applies to Wiris Quizzes users.

What information we collect

We collect some information about your use of Wiris Quizzes. Concretely:

  • The IP of the user (student or teacher) computer and the IP of the institution server (Moodle, Canvas or other).
  • The referrer URL: the address of the pages containing Wiris Quizzes (Moodle, Canvas or other).
  • The correct answer, algorithm and mathematical options of the question.
  • The student answers and eventually the content in the auxiliary CalcMe.
  • The contact information of the license owner institution.

Student academic performance data is sensible, that’s why we don’t collect any end-user names or emails and also we don’t collect a coherent relation of student grades. There are some differences depending on the integration of Wiris Quizzes you use.

Wiris Quizzes for Moodle

  • Grading requests to our servers are done by your Moodle server without user information, so we don’t get the relation between end-users and their answers. Some auxiliary requests such as the syntax-checking service are still done by the user computer.
  • We add the course and quiz identifiers to each request grading so we can help you better with troubleshooting your random questions.

Wiris Quizzes for Canvas

  • We use anonymous privacy level in the Wiris Quizzes LTI configuration. This means that user personal data is obfuscated by the Canvas platform before it is sent to us. We don’t get names, emails or any other user identifiers besides their computer IP.
  • With LTI integrations we provide not only the math features but a complete quiz underlying platform. This means that we also need to store all the question features including the statement and feedback, the questionnaires and the attempts made by pseudo-anonymized users.

How we use information we collect

  • The primary usage of the data is to provide the service to you.
  • We use the information to continuously improve our product. We find bugs and we figure out what new features may be most useful thanks to this information.
  • We use this information to help you fix any issue with your installation or integration of Wiris Quizzes in your platform.
  • We temporarily ban questions with endless algorithms that could overload our servers.
  • We track the level of usage of our product from your institution and we check that it is compatible with the purchased license.
  • We use the license owners contact to keep them updated with relevant technical or commercial news about Wiris Quizzes or other related products from WIRIS.

See the general Privacy Policy to know how we store and share the information, and the rights you have.

Amendments to this Privacy Policy

Please note that this Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We expect most such changes to be minor, but there may be changes that are more significant. We will post those changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will also provide a more prominent notice or inform you by e-mail. Each version will be noted at the top of the page.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at support@wiris.com, or at the address stated below:

Maths for More S.L.
Muntaner 262, 08021 Barcelona, SPAIN

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