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22 Jan 2014

WIRIS editor is an App that can be easily included into your Canvas course.

  1. Go to Course Settings
  2. Go to Apps tab
  3. Look for WIRIS
  4. Activate the App

WIRIS activation in a Canvas course

15 Nov 2013

This is the class reference of the WIRIS quizzes generic integration library. These classes are available for PHP, Java, .NET, ActionScript and JavaScript although the documentation itself is a Javadoc. The generic integration library is included in the getting started examples download packages.

15 Nov 2013

The WIRIS quizzes assertions reference explains in detail the different assertions available and its meaning. Assertions are used in the evaluation process of the student answer. Each assertion returns true or false and many assertions are combined to get the final student grading. In WIRIS quizzes studio, assertions can be selected individually under the “Validation tab”.

3 Oct 2013


These instructions have been tested using DotNetNuke (DNN) version 7.Dot Net Nuke

1 Requirements

Install CKeditor in DNN following the instructions of the DNN documentation.

Set CKeditor as the default editor at <DNN>/Host/HTML-Editor-Manager/portalid/0 (the /portalid/0 part of the URL may be different for you).

2 Copy files

  1. Download WIRIS Plugin for CKEditor and ASP.NET and copy ckeditor_wiris to <DNN>/Providers/HtmlEditorProviders/CKEditor/plugins/ckeditor_wiris.
  2. Give write permissions to <ckeditor>/plugins/ckeditor_wiris/cache and to <ckeditor>/plugins/ckeditor_wiris/formulas directories to the web server user.
  3. Move files in the <DNN>/CKEditor/plugins/ckeditor_wiris/integration/bin to the root /bin folder of your DNN.
  4. Delete <DNN>/CKEditor/plugins/ckeditor_wiris/integration/web.config (you already have another web.config in DNN root).

3 Configure

Edit ckeditor/plugins/ckeditor_wiris/configuration.ini to set your own values. This table specifies all possible parameters.

4 Activate the WIRIS plugin for CKeditor on DotNetNuke (DNN)

  1. Go the HTML-Editor-Manager (<DNN>/Host/HTML-Editor-Manager/portalid/0), in Editor config tab look for "ExtraPlugins:" add ",ckeditor_wiris" at the end and save.
  2. Add the buttons to the toolbar editing <DNN>/Portals/0/CKToolbarSets.xml (it should be in a similar location for you) and adding another toolbar group.
  3. Add the button icons editing <DNN>/Portals/0/CKToolbarButtons.xml
  4. Clear your browser and DNN caches just in case.
  5. Browse any page with an editor and you should see WIRIS plugin buttons.

The previous steps will include WIRIS editor in the Full toobar. If you want to include it in the Basic and Standard toolbars edit <DNN>/Portals/0/CKEditorSettings.xml


Steps 5 and 6

Follow steps 5 and 6 of the installation instructions for WIRIS plugin for CKeditor.