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WIRIS teams

Team leader

Daniel Marquès, President & CTO
Ramon Eixarch, CEO
Carles Aguiló, VP Academic Sales
Pablo Guerrero, Sales Manager LatAm
Lidia San Emeterio, Support Manager
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The Company

Maths for More is a mathematical software company based in Barcelona, Spain. Our main goal is to offer advanced calculation and presentation tools for mathematics education with emphasis on Internet technology solutions. The company was founded by teachers and former students from the Technical University of Catalonia (Barcelona Tech).


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The company was created to commercially exploit a research project in Computer Algebra. A group of mathematics students coordinated by Sebastià Xambó, full professor at the Technical University of Catalonia, developed a next generation calculation platform. The company start-up was accompanied by the University unit to support start-ups, spin-offs and business projects developed by students and teachers.


We are the responsible for WIRIS tools, a suite of tools for mathematics education. In the last years we have focused on the integration of WIRIS tools with web based platforms with special emphasis on LMS.


Maths for More
Plaza de Gala Placidia 1, Escalera A Planta 15
08006 Barcelona

Daniel Marques

Daniel Marquès co-founded Maths for More in 1999 and has since held the position of CTO. He is currently the company President.

Daniel is also the principal architect and one of the original programmers of WIRIS CAS, probably the most complex member of the WIRIS suite. He is the main responsible for the involvement of the company in research projects, funded mostly by the European Comission. 

Daniel received his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at the Technical University of Catalonia (Barcelona Tech).

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Ramon Eixarch

Ramon Eixarch co-founded Maths for More in 1999. He was part of the initial team of WIRIS CAS programmers. Since 2002, he holds the CEO position and is the main responsible for the company Marketing and Sales department. 

Ramon received his Bachelor's degree in Mathematics at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona Tech).

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