Wiris Quizzes live demo

Create random questions. Check automatic evaluation of open answers. Test the teacher and student experience.

Currently Wiris Quizzes is a ready-to-use tool for Moodle environments.


Wiris Quizzes demo site

Frequently Asked Questions

Which permissions does the installer need?

The WIRIS Quizzes automatic installer (as well as the uninstaller) is a script that gets executed by the web server. Hence, it will be able to do only what the web server is allowed to do. As a safety measure, it is customary to restrict as much as possible access to the web server files. In order for the installer to work properly, make sure the web server that reading and writing permission in the following paths (from the root directory of Moodle):

Manual installation

Remember that this installation procedure is only intended for system administrators with particular needs, or in case the automatic installation has failed.

Follow these instructions:

User manual

Moodle Quiz Module allows you to define questionnaire-like activities in a course. A questionnaire consists of a set of questions, probably of different types. Read the information on moodle.org about this module if you are not familiar with it. From now on, Moodle basic terminology on questionnaires will be adopted.

WIRIS QUIZZES improves the types of questions in Moodle in order to add additional options aimed at posing strong maths questions. These options are displayed by clicking Show Advanced.