Questions types

WIRIS quizzes enriches the content of all types of questions relevant for scientific matters. Calculated and Numerical types of questions have not been modified since they are broadly beaten by the functionalities contained in WIRIS quizzes.

Here following, you can see an example of each type of question that improves WIRIS quizzes.

Student feedback

With WIRIS quizzes, you can insert mathematical content in the wording of the question and perform some verifications on the answer, as well as inserting mathematical content in the feedback provided to the student. 

Graphic content

We will see how to insert function or geometric construction graphs in the questions. For this, we will create a question in which the student will have to identify if a certain graph and algebraic expression match.

This is, besides, a simple example where we can see the use of the random function applied to a list instead of being applied to two numerical values. In this case, the function will return one element from the list chosen by chance.


One of the most interesting functions in WIRIS quizzes is the possibility of adding random content.

Moodle already offers some resources in these respects, but limited to choosing a random question among a group of preset questions. WIRIS quizzes permits the integration of randomness at any level, in the question data, in a graph, or in the definition of a mathematical object.

The Algorithm field

The most important section for writing an exercise with WIRIS quizzes is the Algorithm field, consisting of a WIRIS cas section. This field is common to all types of question improved by WIRIS, since it includes the whole mathematical functionality of the exercise.

A simple example

We will start by seeing how to create a simple exercise with WIRIS QUIZZES. With it, we can introduce the minimum elements for an exercise to be functional.

A standard Moodle exercise has several fields in which the teacher inserts the elements that will compose the exercise, such as the wording, the correct answer, several student feedbacks, etc. WIRIS QUIZZES maintains this structure and simply adds a calculation session at the end of the exercise, and is also capable of interacting with every element. 

WIRIS QUIZZES for Moodle 1.x

This is not the WIRIS QUIZZES present version.

If you are looking for the Moodle 2.x version docs, or other docs, please find them in the menu on the left.


Remember that  the recommended way of uninstalling WIRIS Quizzes is the automatic uninstallation program, which can be run from a browser.

During the uninstallation process, three actions can be done. Only the first one is compulsory.

  1. Uninstall: restore the patched Moodle files, remove the WIRIS folders in question/type, and remove the language files of WIRIS Quizzes.

Install WIRIS quizzes for Moodle 1.x

Unless you require some especial customization, you should install WIRIS quizzes using its automatic installer. In most environments, a few clicks will be enough.


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WIRIS QUIZZES for Moodle 2.x and Moodle 3.x