Be random, my friend

A key feature for using any quiz system in the technical fields is randomness. Moodle provides minimal randomness functionality, allowing the system to randomly choose among a predefined set of questions. But can a student really train with a pool of 6 questions?

WIRIS quizzes allows you to generate random elements that go way beyond this. You may wish to define a random polynomial with some properties, or a random matrix, a function or graphical representation... This is what we are talking about when we say random.

Let us see a couple of examples to show how powerful randomness combined with mathematics are. In the following example, we construct two integers between -7 and 7 different from zero and from one another, plus a random function selected from a group of functions:

We can also construct a polynomial with the features that we need. In the following example, we build it as a sum of four monomials of coefficients between -2 and 2, and degree between 1 and 4, plus we request that its degree be at least 3.

We have been quite sophisticated, but it doesn't require a huge effort, as you can see.

Besides, this feature has double added value: students may practice as long as they wish at home and they get a different exercise every time, and in an exam situation, there is no use in copying, since the neighbour's got a different question.

It goes without saying that the whole point of having random exercises is having automatic correction of the answers. The teacher doesn't need to produce every single possible case or check the answers of the students: WIRIS quizzes will see to this.

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