Create a new formula with WIRIS editor

WIRIS editor allows creating formulas easily, drawing from a large pool of mathematical and scientific symbols with a single click. You work on a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) based on tabs and icons, where all you need to do is select symbols, fill in your numbers and names, and accept.

In order to create a new formula, simply click on the WIRIS editor button of your HTML editor (see the article Launch WIRIS editor if in doubt). A new browser window will pop-up. This window shows a tab area with all the available icons organised in thematic tabs and a display area where the formula that you build will display.

It is better to start with the most general items of your formula. For example, if you wish to define a formula consisting of a fraction with a trigonometric numerator and a square root in the denominator, start by the fraction as the most general item, and then introduce the numerator and then the denominator, following this same principle for every group, that is, going from the outer or more general operators onto the innermost.

Once you have finished creating your formula, simply click on OK and you will continue to see the formula that you just created, but this time as an image embedded in your text. Congratulations!

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