Install WIRIS QUIZZES for Moodle 2 & Moodle 3


1 Requirements

  • Moodle 2 or Moodle 3
  • WIRIS plugin for Moodle version 3.17.20 or higher.
  • You can know your Plugin version at your http://<moodle>/filter/wiris/info.php.

update the plugin

2 Copy files

Unzip moodle2-wiris-quizzes-x.xx.xx.xxxx.zip and copy the content of the file into the folder local under the root of Moodle.

3 Installation

Since WIRIS QUIZZES is a Moodle plugin, it will start automatically the installation after the files are copied into the correct folder. If the installation doesn't start go to Moodle Home Page or Site administration > Notifications page.

3 Check all is OK

The best way to check all is OK is just to make a question, save and display it.

Additionally there is an info page at http://<moodle>/question/type/wq/info.php. In any issue, please send screenshots of that to support.

4 Additional settings

If the number of concurrent users using WIRIS QUIZZES is higher that 100 we recommend that you uncomment and increase quizzes.maxconnections variable in <moodle>/question/type/wq/quizzes/configuration.ini. We recommend that you increase its value by 10 for every 100 concurrent users. Please note that this value must be lower that Apache MaxRequestWorkers (or MaxClients) divided by 4.

Note: If <moodle>/question/type/wq/quizzes/configuration.ini doesn't exist create it copying <moodle>/question/type/wq/quizzes/configuration.ini.dist.

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