Enabling WIRIS hand for Moodle

WIRIS hand improves greatly the user experience when using touch devices like tablets and mobiles. With WIRIS hand, you can handwrite the answers of the math exercises writing numbers and formulas easily.

Note. WIRIS hand will be enabled by default in the near future releases of WIRIS quizzes for Moodle and will make this documentation obsolete.

Installing the latest version of WIRIS quizzes

WIRIS hand for Moodle is only available from WIRIS quizzes plugin release 3.35 and further. Download the latest version of WIRIS quizzes for Moodle.

Enabling WIRIS hand at administrator level

These guidelines assume you have WIRIS quizzes and WIRIS plugin for Moodle correctly installed. If not, ask to your Moodle administrator to install such plugins.

To enable WIRIS hand, you would need to have access to the file system where Moodle is copied and installed.

  1. Ensure you have the very last release of WIRIS quizzes.
  2. Go to folder <moodle-files>/question/type/WIRIS QUIZZES/quizzes and rename configuration.ini.dist to configuration.ini.
  3. Then add the following line to the end of configuration.ini
    quizzes.hand.enabled = "true"
  4. To check that WIRIS hand is working, follow the instructions of the next section: using WIRIS hand.

Using WIRIS hand

WIRIS hand is available from the WIRIS short answer question type. At present, you can enable and disable WIRIS hand at question level. There are plans of a smart mode where hand is enabled by default in touch devices.

  1. To create a WRIS short answer question type, select

  2. After filling some fields of the short answer form, press the button to open WIRIS quizzes studio

  3. You will see “WIRIS hand embedded”. Enable it

  4. Now, when you preview the question, you will see WIRIS hand.