Switch, switch, switch, switch... Time over.

We go slightly more technical to introduce a feature that may seem a detail, but that translates to a large productivity gain. Have you never been bothered by an awkward environment that doesn't allow testing and that implies unending switching among applications?

WIRIS quizzes allows testing the mathematics of your question within the question, so you don't need to preview the page or to run the exercise yourself to test it. When you are testing a random exercise, which will usually be the case, you can see as many samples as you wish with a single mouse click.

All the mathematics of a question are centralised in a single field of the question, which is called Algorithm. This field has two regions, the yellow square Variables and the region immediately after this.

The region Variables must contain all the calculations needed for the exercise, as the adjoining region is the test area for the content creator. To get the values of the variables and a sample of the random values, simply write all the variable names in the region outside the yellow rectangle and click on the equal sign or press Control+Enter

You can try it yourself by placing the cursor on the first calculation block after the library and clicking on the following session:

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