Don't reinvent the wheel. Improve it.

WIRIS makes a big point of comfort. Comfort means for us that you don't have to change anything about the way you're working.

That's why we have retaken the existing question types and we have modified them as little as possible. We have simply added mathematical functionality where needed, and this functionality can be reached with a single click. Improved question types are Short answer, True/False, Multiple choice, MatchingEmbedded answers (Cloze) and Essay, that is, all the useful ones for scientific domains.


All the mathematics of an exercise are centralised in a single region and are accessible from every text field. This means that we don't need to modify the structure of the question, or add new sections and new fields. The teacher simply clicks in the WIRIS button when he needs math functionality:


This way, WIRIS has a minimal impact on teachers not in scientific domains and maximal gain for teachers in scientific domains, who don't need to learn any need question model, but simply add content to the model they are already working on.

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