Don't correct your students

Still correcting homework? Welcome to the new century.

WIRIS quizzes provides random questions for the students, and corrects them automatically, which allows the student to get immediate feedback on his answer.

On the other hand, the teacher doesn't need to provide or check the answers for an exercise, which in the case of a random question could be quite time consuming anyway!

Magic? It's not magic, it's simply powerful mathematics. Let us see it with a simple example. We ask our students to calculate the determinant of a (random) matrix, whose elements will be small integers. To build such a question with WIRIS quizzes is so much as writing:

and then you request the matrix m in the question text and the determinant sol in the checking of the answer.

The functions random and determinant are integrated in WIRIS, so we can use them directly. Neat and tidy, wasn't it?

And what happens if the student introduces a correct answer that we were not expecting? No panic either: WIRIS quizzes checks for mathematical equivalence.

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