WIRIS has a broad experience when it comes to hosting services. Our web based products are normally hosted in, as it makes life easier regarding upgrades and personalisation.

Whereas it is the customer who decides if the web services should be hosted in their servers or in, a vast majority chooses the second option for its reliability and its direct access from the WIRIS support team.

But how does it actually work? You install the WIRIS plugin in your web platform and the WIRIS plugin handles the connectivity between your platform and the servers. The web services of encompass the generation of images for WIRIS editor, the calculations and plots of WIRIS CAS , and the automatic evaluation of the exercises created with WIRIS quizzes. 

If you want your online calculator WIRIS CAS hosted at, it is also possible to customize it with two logos and two links, which are normally used for the institution website and the main page of their LMS (Learning Management System) or CMS (Content Management System). See an example at



Server uptime: 99,5%

Servers hosted in multiple locations for redundancy

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