WIRIS has a broad experience when it comes to hosting services. Our web based products are hosted in WIRIS.net, as it makes life easier regarding upgrades and personalisation.

Whereas it is the customer who decides if the web services should be hosted in their servers or in WIRIS.net, a vast majority chooses the second option for its reliability and constant upgrading.

But how does it actually work? WIRIS tools can be configured into your web platform or product in several ways, most frequently a Plugin or LTI connector. The component connecting will handle the communication between your platform and the WIRIS.net servers.

If you are testing WIRIS tools, by default, you will connect to the services available at www.wiris.net/demo/ This is the demonstration version of WIRIS services that runs the latest release candidate of our solutions. In other words, you will be testing the coming stable version of our tools. 

If you decide to become a customer you will gain access to www.wiris.net/client/ , the stable released version of WIRIS services. 

Server uptime: 99.9%

Servers hosted in multiple locations for redundancy

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