Who must have a WIRIS licence?

WIRIS is an educational tool, and as such, we want to promote its use in teaching and learning of mathematics. Now, we have good habits such as eating and getting dressed, so we need to earn money for our work.

You need a WIRIS licence if you are an institution, a partner, a government, or if you are intending to earn money with the help of our tools. If you are in doubt whether your school, university, local or national government have a WIRIS licence, just get in touch with us.

You may wish to start by using our demo sites, which are provided for test and small use purposes, such as the use of students at home. These sites will never become paying, but they have restrictions that limit their deployment in situations that require a licence.

If you'd rather go technical, you may also read our Legal advice. The previous is a common sense description of the terms of the Licence. However, the precise and only binding description of the Licence terms can be found in the Licence of the product that you should accept during the purchasing process.
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