Wiris Quizzes live demo

Create random questions. Check automatic evaluation of open answers. Test the teacher and student experience.

Currently Wiris Quizzes is a ready-to-use tool for Moodle environments.


Wiris Quizzes demo site

Wiris Quizzes demo on Moodle


Wiris Quizzes is a ready-to-use tool in Canvas LMS through the LTI integration protocol. We have optimized the use of the LTI protocol to offer the best possible user experience


Wiris Quizzes demo site on Canvas

Wiris Quizzes demo on Canvas


Use the following credentials to access the campus,


as teacher:

user: instructor@wiris.com

pass: wirismath

as student:

user: learner@wiris.com

pass: wirismath


For developers


Wiris Quizzes generic demo

SDK documentation

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