WIRIS editor wins the Product Innovation Award at the GESS Awards conference in Dubai

Yes! We did it! We have won the Product Innovation Award - Jugdes Choice at the GESS Awards conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

This has been possible thanks to an accurate work regarding localisation of our math formula editor to Arabic, and especially thanks to a broad perspective on what localisation means. In fact, it means a lot more than translation:

WIRIS news #10 - Around the Mediterranean - May 2013

If you haven't had enough fun playing around with the Hebrew, Chinese or Korean demos of our formula editor, you can now check our latest one! Arabic, including a lot more than right-to-left writing and mirroring of the formulas. On the other side of the Mediterranean, 5,000 students from the Madrid region have been examined on mathematics, technology and chemistry using WIRIS quizzes.

WIRIS discounts @ ISTE 2013 San Antonio


You will find us at booth 5284 at the ISTE conference in San Antonio.


Arabic mathematical notation

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Editing math formulas for arabic scientific texts is far more than allowing Right-To-Left text. MathType has been developed following W3C Arabic Mathematical notation recomendations.

There is still work to be done. We will appreciate your comments and feedback.


Our Support team is ready to help you in English and Spanish at support@wiris.com .
We cannot give you support in Arabic yet.


الرموز الرياضية باللغة العربية

Mirroring - RTL mode

Mathematical symbols have to be mirrored to keep their mathematical meaning in Right-to-Left writting (RTL).
For example, the Left-to-Right expression x subset of double-struck capital n is shown as Syntax error. if using th RTL mode. Arabic letters are also supported by the system. The former formula would tipycally look like Syntax error..
Other mathematical expressions are mirrored to follow the Arabic notation tradition . For example, in Saudi Arabia a square root like square root of italic س is represented as Syntax error. in RTL mode.
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Numbers in Arabic languages

Different region in the Arabic countries use different notation for numbers. We have implemented Arabic-Indic and Eastern Arabic-Indic numbers

right to left style font-size : 48px ١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩٠

Arabic numbers

Variables ligatures

Arabic characters, when written together, are typografically joined with the so called ligatures.

In mathematics, variable names are typically formed by a unique character. Hence by default we consider every character a stand alone mathematical variable, and so without ligatures. But we recognize some standard words, and we automatically add ligatures to them. Also you can manually add ligatures, using the button.

Arabic ligatures

Examples of arabic ligatures

Implementation of W3C
Arabic mathematical notation


of the
Product Innovation Award
- Judges Choice

WIRIS editor is GESS awards finalist

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Italian high school visits the WIRIS office

Enrico and Carles from the WIRIS team met Gàbriel KABAMUANYISHI in the last Italian MoodleMoot in Livorno. As a result of sharing hotel and conference, the high school Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Antonio Badoni from Lecco, Italy, has visited the WIRIS office as part of their trip to Barcelona.

WIRIS news #9 - Accessibility and performance - January 2013

These last months, we have been working in two rather subtle, yet key aspects of technology: accessibility and performance. Read about the new features of WIRIS editor that make it the perfect tool for accessible maths contents, plus discover the new performance aspects of WIRIS quizzes.

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You will find us at booth C6 during the BETT show.

Proud finalists at the BETT awards 2013 for small ICT company of the year !

We are proud to announce that WIRIS - Maths for More is finalists at the BETT awards 2013 for the category:

  •  Small ICT company of the year


WIRIS news #8 - New academic year, new classmates! - November 2012

With the new academic year, come the full versions of our two best-selling tools: WIRIS editor is now fully backward compatible and WIRIS quizzes includes Embedded answers (Cloze) questions and with this every type of question in Moodle 2.

WIRIS editor customizable toolbar

You love WIRIS editor, but have the feeling that it offers too many icons to your users? Do your students need only a fraction of the powerful toolbar?

Don't worry, you can customize all the elements in the toolbar of MathType.

You can select which tabs, sections, extra sections and items you want to build, gaining thus full configurability of the tool.