Math and science in Cute Editor

Easily include maths formulas, calculations and graphics in your web pages within Cute Editor.

  • Create mathematical formulas with a visual editor (WYSIWYG)
  • Perform all your math calculations and plots in 2D and 3D

WIRIS plugin for Cute Editor enhances your text editor with new icons to edit math equations with WIRIS editor and include calculations and graphics with WIRIS CAS .

WIRIS editor screenshot

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Technical overview

  • Cute Editor 6.6 or higher
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How does it work?

Just click on the new WIRIS icons that appear in your rich text editor toolbar. A WIRIS EDITOR window will pop up. Create a scientific expression formula with the classical interface or handwrite it.

When you click on Accept, your expression will be converted into an image and displayed along with your other content.

WIRIS editor comes with a WYSIWYG interface based on HTML and Javascript.

  • New icon in the toolbar
  • Edit in mobile devices. Works with iPad and other tablets.
  • Accesibility text automatically included in math formulas.
  • LaTeX support
  • Interface requests images to a web-service
  • Images are stored in a cache folder

WIRIS CAS is a powerful math engine accessible online

  • New icon in the toolbar
  • Interface requests math calculations and graphics to a math engine through a web-service

Server components

All WIRIS tools include native components and web accessed services. The server components area available to be installed in your own servers.