WIRIS quizzes studio

WIRIS quizzes studio is the visual editor for the enhanced features of a question. WIRIS quizzes studio is a tool used by the authors (usually teachers) of a question.

WIRIS quizzes exists only in the context of a learning management system (LMS). Thus, the authoring of a question is provided by the LMS in the sense that is the LMS the responsible of displaying and managing the form that requests the input for the question text, the grading values, the correct answer and any possible feedback. WIRIS quizzes studio is relegated only to specify the enhanced features:

  1. Input the correct answer in a fully WYSIWYG formula editor: WIRIS editor.
  2. Whether use the WIRIS editor or plain text as an input method for the student.
  3. The correctness criteria. You can choose the assertions from an available list.
  4. Write the algorithm for generating random values.
  5. Provide a quick testing interface of the question.

You can see the user manual of WIRIS quizzes studio.

The WIRIS quizzes studio icon icon is used as a launcher of WIRIS quizzes studio.

WIRIS quizzes studio screen-shot