You don't know it, but you already know it

WIRIS quizzes is so easy to use that you may want to start right after reading this article!

You can add maths to your content simply by clicking on an icon. If you want to add a static formula, just click on the icon  of your HTML editor. If you wish to add a graphical representation or a WIRIS session, that is, a section where the student can modify the exercise, or do some plots, etc, click on the icon  .

Both tools are very straightforward. Find out more at WIRIS editor and WIRIS CAS.

In this example, we don't even need to use any of them. We just refer to a variable we have defined in the maths section with the number sign #. The same applies to the evaluation of the student's answer:

And finally, the mathematics session is a WIRIS CAS session divides in two areas: the yellow rectangle defining all the variables used in the question, and a test area for the question creator to make sure the variables do what he wants:

We have created a random matrix with entries between -3 and 3 and we calculate the solution to the exercise with the mathematical engine. Wasn't it simple?

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