Someone asked about your maths?

We know the feeling. Your administration has thought about improving technologies around teaching and they got themselves a Moodle installation. They just forgot a small detail: Moodle supports mathematics rather poorly.

  • How do you simply introduce a mathematical expression without having to spend one hour on it?
  • How do you randomise your students' exercises, besides chosing from a few predefined questions?
  • How do you automatically correct the exercises to avoid computing yourself the answer for each random exercise?
  • How do you check for different but mathematically equivalent expressions in the answer?
  • How is your Moodle doing about random graphics?

You simply cannot do all this without a proper mathematical tool. 

WIRIS quizzes is the complement to your Moodle that empowers content creators in scientific domains. Teachers can create mathematical quizzes with high productivity and excellent results. Students can train without limit on self-correcting exercises with random data.


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