Put your students to work...

The random functionality in WIRIS quizzes allows creating random questions that minimise the possiblity of cheating in an exam. Every student will get a different set of questions, so his answers will be of little use to his neighbour.

But on the other side, and more importantly, it allows the students to train as much as they wish with a single, ever-changing exercise. He will get a different matrix, or polynomial, or graphical representation, or whichever item we have prepared, every time that he runs the quiz, thus gaining extensive practise with it. He will be rehearsing for the exam, so his self-esteem and his self-confidence will grow with every trial. This provides positive feedback for him and the feeling that he is not left alone in his personal development.

Besides all this, we can provide explicit feedback to the student, so that he turns his trials into a learning experience:

The mistake in one action translates into the student learning what the leading coefficient is and ultimately into the right answer:

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