External plugin configuration

Some rich text editors, such as CKeditor or TinyMCE, allow you to specify a URL based location of plugins outside of the normal plugins directory.

This option is useful when loading the rich text editor from a CDN or when you want to have the editor directory separate from your custom plugins. In case you are using your a programing language for which WIRIS plugins are not available this is also a good option.

You can install WIRIS plugin as an external plugin in CKeditor and TinyMCE. Using this option you do not need to install any WIRIS component on your servers. You only need to add one line to your CKeditor or TinyMCE configuration.


  • CKEDITOR.plugins.addExternal('ckeditor_wiris', 'https://www.wiris.net/demo/plugins/ckeditor/', 'plugin.js');
  • Include WIRIS EDITOR buttons in CKEditor's toolbar:  
    • config.toolbar_Full.push({ name: 'wiris', items : [ 'ckeditor_wiris_formulaEditor','ckeditor_wiris_formulaEditorChemistry']);


  • external_plugins: { tiny_mce_wiris: 'https://www.wiris.net/demo/plugins/tiny_mce/plugin.js' }
  • Include WIRIS EDITOR buttons in your TinyMCE button list, the button keys are the following:
    • tiny_mce_wiris_formulaEditor
    • tiny_mce_wiris_formulaEditorChemistry