WIRIS plugins

WIRIS plugin integrates WIRIS editor and WIRIS cas to your applicationWIRIS plugins offer the integration of the tools WIRIS editor and WIRIS cas with full web applications and content managers, or directly with HTML editors. Some web applications are Moodle, Sakai, Joomla and Wordpress. The HTML editors are CKeditor, Cute Editor, FCKeditor, NicEditor, RadEditor, TinyMCE and Xinha.

WIRIS editor and WIRIS cas are separate tools; can be activated and used independently.

While WIRIS editor and WIRIS cas can be used as software as a service (SaaS), WIRIS plugins must be always installed in your web application server. All WIRIS plugins are compound of server side technologies (PHP, Java, ASP .NET) and browser technologies (HTML and JavaScript).

Missing a plugin?

If your Web application or HTML Editor is not among the available WIRIS plugins, we can develop it for you or you can do it yourself using the generic WIRIS plugin as starting point, which is compatible with PHP, Java and ASP.NET technologies.

Why do I need a WIRIS plugin?

WIRIS editor and WIRIS cas components specialize in edition and computation, respectively, and provide some helper API’s, libraries and web services. To keep these components consistent, relatively small and easy to maintain, they delegate the communication with your web application to the WIRIS plugins.

In addition, WIRIS plugins provide the following features:

  1. Make possible to integrate the WIRIS tools smoothly and the installation is straightforward.
  2. Target different technologies (PHP, Java, ASP .NET, etc.) and different HTML editors (TinyMCE, CKEditor, …) or available platforms (Moodle, SAKAI, Joomla, …).
  3. Consolidates the usage of the many WIRIS tools (editor and cas) with the installation of a single component.
  4. Perform a cache of the images of the formulas. This is done inside your web application server to allow fast image delivery.
  5. There is a configuration file where you can tune many features.
  6. The diverse plugins have all of them the same architecture and share code as much as possible. Improvements and bug fixes are applied to all of them.

WIRIS editor and WIRIS cas could be integrated directly into any system without a WIRIS plugin, but the effort would be great and would require reinventing a WIRIS plugin.

About WIRIS editor and WIRIS cas

WIRIS editor is a mathematical visual (WYSIWYG) editor. Use a large collection of icons nicely organized in thematic tabs in order to create formulas for any web content. Create and edit your formulas in a visual environment: just click on the WIRIS editor icon for creation or double-click on the formula for edition. It is based on JavaScript and compatible with HTML 5. There exists a special toolbar for Chemistry, with its own button.

WIRIS cas is an online platform for mathematical calculations designed for education. You can access a powerful calculation toolbar through an HTML page that includes integrals and limits calculation, function graphing in 2D or 3D and symbolic matrices manipulation, among others. WIRIS cas covers all mathematical topics from primary school to university level (Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, Differential Equations...).