Italian high school visits the WIRIS office

Enrico and Carles from the WIRIS team met Gàbriel KABAMUANYISHI in the last Italian MoodleMoot in Livorno. As a result of sharing hotel and conference, the high school Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Antonio Badoni from Lecco, Italy, has visited the WIRIS office as part of their trip to Barcelona.

We have discussed technical aspects from our work, which they'll probably continue discovering in their mechanics studies, but also organisational and personal aspects of our company. They've also shown interest in the coming mobile developments and the online assessment tools.

Try to find out who are WIRIS employees and who are Italian students... You can check it at www.wiris.com/en/contact and I'm sure there will be more than one surprised! :-)

Once more, thank you Gàbriel KABAMUANYISHI for bringing the new generations to us and letting them know that behind the tools they use, there is real people. Computer geeks maybe, but real people after all.