6 Mar 2014

Yes! We did it! We have won the Product Innovation Award - Jugdes Choice at the GESS Awards conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

This has been possible thanks to an accurate work regarding localisation of our math formula editor to Arabic, and especially thanks to a broad perspective on what localisation means. In fact, it means a lot more than translation:

  • Right-to-left writing
  • Mirroring of the formulas
  • Arabic numbers (of course, not the ones that we use in English, which are also Arabic in origin! :)
  • Ligatures for the variable definitions
  • Accessibility in Arabic

You can read more about this in our Arabic solution page or try the Arabic editor live.

The result of all this work: The prize...

... and the business. :)

21 May 2013

If you haven't had enough fun playing around with the Hebrew, Chinese or Korean demos of our formula editor, you can now check our latest one! Arabic, including a lot more than right-to-left writing and mirroring of the formulas. On the other side of the Mediterranean, 5,000 students from the Madrid region have been examined on mathematics, technology and chemistry using WIRIS quizzes.

WIRIS editor in Arabic

Screenshot WIRIS editor in Arabic

WIRIS editor has been developed following W3C Arabic Mathematical notation recomendations. The key features of the Arabic version are:

  • Right-to-left notation, with mirrored formulas
  • Arabic-Indic and Easter Arabic-Indic number sets:

Arabic-Indic number sets in WIRIS editor

  • Ligatures of the written language

This items are combined according to different standards used in different countries, as described in the technical document «Arabic numbers and math notation by countries». We'll be glad to get your feedback if you feel that your country standard use is not represented correctly. 

Case-study: 5,000 students examined with WIRIS quizzes
Logo EducaMadrid

The Madrid region has been examining their students on a pilot involving 15 schools and 5,000 students. We have recorded over 350,000 quiz executions in two test periods, December 2012 and March 2013. The most interesting part is that we were informed in advance of the amount of students being examined at any time, so we could monitor the load on our calculation engines and get information on how they reacted with over 300 concurrent users on a single site.

Our performance records were outstanding and gave good return on the work done to speed up WIRIS quizzes, as informed in our last newsletter.

A long call with our colleague Álvaro Cabeza Ramis from the Consejería de Educación at Comunidad de Madrid provided us with a deeper pedagogical insight on this case study: The students faced random questions on Mathematics, Technology and Chemistry. These examinations were not only assessing the level of proficiency of the students, but also the impact of technology on learning, which is being evaluated in an annual plan.

From the technical point of view, the students had had experience on using WIRIS quizzes as a self-learning tool and were presented with random questions built on Moodle, Geogebra and WIRIS. Some questions required an open answer, introduced with WIRIS editor, plus some required the full development of the answer, which was introduced via a WIRIS cas session in the answer presentation.

WIRIS travels around the globe
Logo ISTE conference 2013
This term we go really intercontinental with our trips. US and China become larger in our customer base, so must our trips and habits... We have also added a US toll-free number plus a Chinese number to our contact information.

WIRIS team @ Maths for More

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2 May 2013


You will find us at booth 5284 at the ISTE conference in San Antonio.


Come by to find out about our latest releases and about our plans for the future between 23rd and 26th June at the San Antonio Convention Center.

You will get a 10% off our online store prices if you're a new customer. Come by and get a promotional code. The offer is valid during Q3 of 2013 for scanned visitors only.


Enjoy your tip to San Antonio and come visit the team at booth 5284. We will certainly do both!

23 Apr 2013

Editing math formulas for arabic scientific texts is far more than allowing Right-To-Left text. MathType has been developed following W3C Arabic Mathematical notation recomendations.

There is still work to be done. We will appreciate your comments and feedback.


Our Support team is ready to help you in English and Spanish at support@wiris.com .
We cannot give you support in Arabic yet.


الرموز الرياضية باللغة العربية

6 Mar 2013

Enrico and Carles from the WIRIS team met Gàbriel KABAMUANYISHI in the last Italian MoodleMoot in Livorno. As a result of sharing hotel and conference, the high school Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Antonio Badoni from Lecco, Italy, has visited the WIRIS office as part of their trip to Barcelona.

We have discussed technical aspects from our work, which they'll probably continue discovering in their mechanics studies, but also organisational and personal aspects of our company. They've also shown interest in the coming mobile developments and the online assessment tools.

Try to find out who are WIRIS employees and who are Italian students... You can check it at www.wiris.com/en/contact and I'm sure there will be more than one surprised! :-)

Once more, thank you Gàbriel KABAMUANYISHI for bringing the new generations to us and letting them know that behind the tools they use, there is real people. Computer geeks maybe, but real people after all.