MathType Software Development Kit

MathType Software Development Kit

The MathType SDK is primarily for developers who want to explore the advanced capabilities of MathType.

The SDK also includes documentation about equation formats and other related information.

The MathType SDK is available to developers who:

  • want to customize the special commands that MathType installs into Microsoft Word
  • want documentation for MathType's DLL interface
  • want to modify MathType's translators or create their own translators
  • want to extend MathType's knowledge of fonts and characters
  • want to make their product "equation-friendly" by aligning imported equations with the baseline of surrounding text

The MathType SDK is available for both Windows and Mac and is valid for MathType 6.9 for Windows and 6.7 for Mac, and earlier. Most of it also applies to MathType 7.

The SDK is provided "as is", free of charge, and we do not provide support for the SDK.

Download MathType SDK 6.9