Make your maths up! No more flat formulas. 

Save time. Go WYSIWYG. 

Custom toolbar and you: This could be the perfect fit.

Protect our children. Recycle your maths. 

A picture is worth a thousand browsers 

From 2+2 to Gödel's theorems. You can go further. 

Reach the highest standard: MathML  

LMS, VLE, CMS, VHS...? Never mind the acronym, WIRIS works. 

Ease student's work. SpArE them the scripting. 

Accessibility: The sound and the screenreader. 

We can write backwards... in all senses!    الرموز الرياضية باللغة العربية 


  • It is a visual (WYSIWYG) editor
  • Create a new expression with a single click
  • Just double click an expression in order to modify it
  • Works through icons
  • Icons are structured in thematic tabs
  • Accessibility features both at display and edition levels
  • MathType allows you to create mathematical notation including
    • Basic operations
    • Matrix calculus
    • Calculus and series
    • Logic and set theory
    • Units
    • Greek alphabet
    • Anything you might need, just contact our development team
  • Expressions are stored in standard MathML
  • Images are stored in the client server, so they are not recalculated
  • It displays images to the user, so it is completely cross-browser
  • It is based on Javascript technology, so it is cross-OS and compatible with different devices including mobile smartphones and tablet PCs.