LaTeX support

If you already have LaTeX code bits inside your texts, the WIRIS plugin will show you the actual formulas, and the WIRIS editor will allow you to edit them in WYSIWYG mode.


For exemple, imagine in your platform there is a text like:

The history of $$\sqrt(2)$$.

After installing the WIRIS plugin, students will see:


Teachers who edit the page, in the regular text editor, will see again:


If they put the cursor inside the $$...$$ marks, and click on the WIRIS editor icon, they will see:


After saving the work in WIRIS editor, they will see again:


And after saving the page, students will see, of course:


So; users see formulas, editors see LaTeX most of the time, but can edit visually a formula if they want.


This is a great feature, but please be aware that:

  • You must disable any other plugins that render LaTeX. For example, Moodle comes with another TeX filter by default; you must choose which one you want, but not both.

  • You can not copy LaTeX documents directly to the platform editor; at least you must convert all single $ to double $$, and previously all double $$ to a centered paragraph. This is the standard format for embedded LaTeX, all plugins expect this.

  • Not all LaTeX is supported. There exist lots of LaTeX commands, lots of them about text format and unrelated to maths, and so we don't support them. Technically, we support the instructions which have a MathML equivalent.