Install: [WE] - Javascript offline components


WIRIS EDITOR SDK Javascript offline is the variant of WIRIS EDITOR that targets desktop or mobile applications (mobile apps). This is different from the standard WIRIS EDITOR.

The integration with your application is not different from the standard web based WIRIS EDITOR. You can visit the page embedding an editor.

It is worth to clarify the distinction we do between a “desktop or mobile application” with respect to a “Web application”.

A web application runs both in desktop and mobile devices using the browser of the device that is connected to Internet via the continuous connection to a Web server.

A desktop or mobile application is an application that is natively installed in a device. The application does not need to be connected to internet except, perhaps, to collect external data. These applications are usually downloaded directly from internet or from a market place like the “App Store” for iOS, “Google Play” for Android or Windows Marketplace.

WIRIS EDITOR SDK Javascript offline is still a JavaScript editor running inside an embedded browser like WebKit or Internet Explorer web control. At present, all technologies for developing applications allow embedding some kind of Web browser.

WIRIS EDITOR SDK Javascript offline has the same features as the standard WIRIS EDITOR, except for the following which are missing:

  1. Real time syntax checking (useful for quizzes/assessment environments).
  2. Content MathML.
  3. Dynamic generation of text version of the formulas for accessibility.
  4. There is not the equivalent offline version of the WIRIS plugins.
  5. Will not work inside an Internet web application (only desktop or mobile application). It will inspect the page URL and will complain if it does not start with "file:".

Installation instructions

Download the package and unzip it in any folder. Then, open the index.html directly with any browser: