WIRIS EDITOR - description

What is it?

WIRIS editor is a WYSIWYG formula editor, also known as equations editor. It is based on JavaScript, so it runs on any browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari...) and operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac...), including mobile and tablet devices.

With WIRIS editor is possible to edit many kind of content: mathematics, physics and science in general. Editing inorganic chemistry is now easier than ever thanks to the chemistry toolbar.

WIRIS editor is based upon standards like MathML for internal representation and the PNG image format for displaying formulas. It can also handle other formats like LaTeX, flash, SVG and EPS.

The editor allows an easy integration both in Web applications and desktop applications for Windows (.NET) or Mac OSX. There is also a porting of the editor to Flash/Flex and to Java/Swing.

To start knowing what formulas can handle WIRIS editor, you can visit the examples gallery or the live demo.

It is comprised of two main components:

  1. The JavaScript editor is the editor itself. It displays the toolbar, the current formula and captures the mouse and keyboard events to dynamically build a formula. See how to embed the editor in a web page.
  2. The web services provide extra features like generation of PNG images from the MathML and converting from/to LaTeX. For the curious, the underlying server technologies of the services are Java and .NET. Read more about the WIRIS editor services.

We are taking the WIRIS editor accessibility seriously: WIRIS editor is able to generate a textual representation of the formulas at display time and the user interface of the editor has many features to improve the user experience of users with different disabilities.


You will find WIRIS editor integrated in many applications. Check whether there is a WIRIS plugin that satisfy your requirements or contact us.

For Web applications, WIRIS editor will appear visually inside you application but it will be hosted at www.wiris.net following the software as a service model. You may also be interested in installing the entire WIRIS editor - server components at your server, so that both the JavaScript editor and the images are provided from your site.


You can use the formula editor in different work scenarios:

  1. Final user
    Visit the manual or ask your web administrator to install a WIRIS plugin.
  2. Web administrator
    You can use WIRIS editor in your web platform within the HMTL editor you are currently using. Several WIRIS plugins are already developed, including a generic plugin for any HTML editor.
  3. Application developer
    You can integrate WIRIS editor in any web platform using the public API. Find some hints at Embedding an editor, Generic plugin or contact with us.

What is a WIRIS plugin?

A WIRIS plugin is not the same as the WIRIS editor. A WIRIS plugin is the component that you might want to install on your web application to enable using WIRIS editor (and also WIRIS cas).  A WIRIS plugin needs to interact with your platform and, thus, there are a whole set of WIRIS plugins targeting different technologies (PHP, Java, ASP .NET, etc.) and different HTML editors (TinyMCE, CKEditor, …) or available platforms (Moodle, Canvas, SAKAI, Joomla, …)