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17 Sep 2010

Create random questions. Check automatic evaluation of open answers. Test the teacher and student experience.

Currently WIRIS quizzes is a ready-to-use tool for Moodle environments.

WIRIS quizzes demo site

WIRIS quizzes demo on Moodle 2

For developers

WIRIS quizzes demo site

WIRIS quizzes generic demo

Check examples in PHP and ASP.NET technologies or check the integration documentation.

17 Sep 2010

WIRIS plugins integrations allow to integrate WIRIS editor and WIRIS cas in a group of HTML editors. These editors are widely used in thousands of web platfoms.

In order to integrate WIRIS tools with your rich text editor, you require some scripting. We include some integration demos, our live demos, to ease the integration process.

NOTE: the following links give you access to several WIRIS plugin integrations demo source code. Those files are not the WIRIS plugin themselves. You can find WIRIS plugin files in WIRIS plugins download page.

9 Sep 2010

Installation instructions

Important! As detailed in the installation instructions, you need to install the package below and also the WIRIS plugin for TinyMCE.

8 Sep 2010

See the latest Release notes.

Release 2.3 - July 2011

  1. New graphical symbols: angle icons, cross out, floor, ceiling, subscript and superscript for large box, harpoon arrows, hook arrows, anglosaxon division (and preloaded version), several different spaces and a brand new tab with functions
  2. Improved crossing a symbol with icon
  3. Minimal icon rearrangement. Check release layout and icons
  4. Release 2.2 - February 2011
  1. New languages hebrew and croatian
  2. Check release layout and icons

Release 2.1 - October 2010

  1. New graphical symbols: square, del operator (nabla symbol) and gradient operator
  2. Minimal icon rearrangement. Check release layout and icons

Release 2.0 - September 2010

  1. Font styles for variables: italic and bold
  2. New graphical symbols. Check release layout and icons
  3. Subscript and superscript before an element available
  4. Font type can be modified at server level (for the server version)

Release 1.6 - April 2010

  1. Documentation improved
  2. Minor icon rearrangement. Check release layout and icons

Release 1.5 - July 2009

  1. The look and feel of the toolbar is improved
  2. The operators and symbols are rearranged in a much more structured manner
  3. New symbols are created: partial derivative, division sign, double integral, triple integral, contour integral, surface integral, volume integral
  4. Transparent background color

Check release layout and icons

Release 1.4 - May 2008

  1. New icons and symbols. Check release layout and icons.
  2. Compatibility with WebEQ.

Release 1.3 - August 2007

  1. Integration with Moodle via WIRIS Plugin.

WIRIS Plugin for Moodle was the first step for a long list of WIRIS plugins

Release 1.0 - November 2006

  1. Official launch of the product

Release 0.1 - August 2006

  1. The beta version enters production phase for final validation